Coming Soon! Diesel Junkies "All That Jazz"

Diesel Junkies are an alternative groove rock band from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Read more about us here.


Our new EP, "All That Jazz" is finally out! We are super stoked, as we have worked on this for some time - it took us so long due to life factors getting in the way fairly often during this production. We produced everything to do with All That Jazz ourselves from recording, mixing and mastering, to the artwork. We are proud of what you are about to hear. Some of the tracks were released as singles, one by one, but then we held back the last two for ths release. Those songs have since been all re-mixed (no not a remix!) and re-mastered for the EP launch. We think you'll enjoy them! Listen and/or buy "All That Jazz" here!

Our Self-Titled EP is still available for sale! To buy it, click here. To hear it, click here.

We're still playing shows around the Windsor-Essex region and are working on booking some dates in Michigan as well as London, Chatham and Toronto. See our Shows section for more details about our past and future live performances.


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