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August 2013 ~ Windsor Independent Magazine ~ Album Review
Windsor Independent Magazine's John Hurst reviews Diesel Junkies' album, "All That Jazz" in the August 2013 issue. Download the full magazine PDF here.


By: John Hurst

This Windsor quartet released their debut EP in February of 2012 and have been gigging around the city for a couple years now. After much preparation, practice and recording in drummer Jay McFarland’s home studio, the Diesel Junkies returned with their latest effort. All That Jazz is pregnant with 5 tracks reminiscent of mid-90’s Canadiana alt-rock that could surely find its place on a Big Shiny Tunes album. Tracks like ‘Pavement’ and ‘Never Been One’ could fit neatly into an evening hanging out at a dingey bar with bands like The Killjoys, Treble Charger, or as an opening act for Matt Good or Our Lady Peace. The final track ‘Trenchfoot Shuffle’ best represents the band’s sound - distorted bass, manly man-man vocals and miltaristic backing vocals that could be pumped up by an Angus Young guitar solo. Apparently, he wasn’t available. I wonder why….

Overall, the EP is a great debut effort from Diesel Dungeon Studio and it would be interesting to hear what the band could do with a full length release and the ability to fan out to heavier and lighter material. Vroom-vroom goes the engine....

Smells like: The AMC Pacer from the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ scene in Wayne’s World. Party on!

Tastes like: Pork chops, caramelized onions and skittles.

Feels like: Wrestling with a black bear cub in a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.

Looks like: An MDMA-fueled Jack Nicholson racing on a tricycle in the middle of the night.

Interweb presence: Facebook & dieseljunkies.ca

June 12, 2013 ~ The Windsor Scene, 99.1 FM CJAM Windsor/Detroit
Diesel Junkies interview on 99.1 FM "The Windsor Scene" radio show by hostess Lauren Hedges. Aired from 5:00 - 6:30pm EST, June 12, 2013. Highlights include completely ridiculous and "comical" banter about anything, everything and nothing, information about our latest EP, plans for the next release, as well as details about our CD Release Party at The Room on June 14, 2013.

June 9, 2013 ~ The Rock Indie Show, 100.7 FM The Rock Windsor/Chatham
Diesel Junkies interview on The Rock Indie Show by host Theresa Leslie. Aired at 8:30 pm, June 9, 2013, on The Rock 100.7 Windsor / 95.1 FM Chatham. Highlights include information about our latest EP, plans for the next release, as well as details about our CD Release Party at The Room on June 14, 2013.

Aug. 1, 2011 ~ Windsorite.ca Music Section
Diesel Junkies @ Blind Dog, Aug. 1, 2011"Also on the bill that night was one of Windsor’s newest bands, Diesel Junkies. They’ve come far from that first show I saw them play a few months back, and I loved it even then. With a sound that’s difficult to pinpoint, they offer a southern-rock style backbone overlaid by ear-candy created using pedals and keyboards."

Story by: Lauren Hedges
Excerpt from: Windsorite.ca article "Diesel Junkies, Final Stage, Aeron's Wake & Omnisyn @ The Blind Dog"
Full story: LINK | PDF

July 2011 ~ Lakeshore News, Sunsplash Festival

Diesel Junkies July 2011Meet the Diesel Junkies

"Diesel Junkies were formed in March of 2011 by drummer Jay McFarland, after leaving the band The Tragedy of Mariam on good terms, in search of something different. He immediately called upon his favorite musicians he's ever played or jammed with in the past to form a new rock group that would have very diverse influences from each musician ranging from metal, to funk, to classical, to jazz fusion,... to classic rock, to indie and so on.

Before joining The Tragedy of Mariam, Jay was in a local cover band with guitarist Eric Bélisle called Brighton which came to a close when their lead singer moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba for an employment opportunity.

Before Brighton, Eric was in a band with bassist Chris Windsor called Taxi which came to an end when each member went they're separate ways with other projects.

Jay met singer and guitarist Jonathan Loiselle, former bass player for Credible Witness, through a mutual friend and asked him to join the Diesel Junkies line-up. When they all jammed for the first time, each member found what they were looking for in a band and fellow musicians and it just clicked.

With no expectations or specific rules on songwriting or styles, Diesel Junkies write and play music that draws from their own personal influences with a stress-free, liberal state-of mind. The resulting sound can be described as, well...Diesel Junkies."

Story by: Lakeshore News
Excerpt from: Belle River Sunsplash Festival Coverage, July 2011
Full story: PDF

May 18, 2011 ~ Windsorite.ca Music Section
Diesel Junkies at Gateway Fest ~ May 18, 2011"Playing their first show ever, these guys were one of my top acts of the night. Diesel Junkies were bluesy southern hard rock, with straight up ridiculous bass tones and perfectly gritty guitars. The vocals fit nicely over top of everything with their slight but of dirt and scratch, and the drums back it all up beautifully with consistent beats and a substantiality that didn’t overpower everything else. As an unexpected twist, synth samples showed up here and there, lending some delicious ear candy to the mix and only intensifying my delight in their set. And I wasn’t the only one impressed, after just their first song the crowd erupted, and their intense appreciation remained throughout."

Story by: Lauren Hedges
Excerpt from Windsorite.ca article "Gateway Fest @ The Blind Dog", May 18, 2011
Full story: LINK | PDF


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